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NEW SOS Business-Level Texting

Here's how the NEW Business-Level Texting App can benefit your business:

Communications Tracking

Provide the ability to have two-way communication with all customers and track all communications history from one easy-to-use dashboard

Confirm Appointments

Ability to confirm customer appointments via text or email based on customer preference

Increase Team's Efficiency

Increase technicians’ efficiency and keep them on schedule by having them text customers when they’re on their way

Track Maintenance History

Allow you to track maintenance appointment history and send service reminders

Managing customer communications builds loyalty and trust.

Customer Communication Icon

Stay in touch with customers and better anticipate their needs

Customer Loyalty Icon

Establish trusted relationships that help build customer loyalty

Customer Calling Icon

Loyal customers tell others about you and help keep the phones ringing!


Easily manage your customer communications using the SOS Business-Level Texting App. The app seamlessly integrates into your existing website making it quick and easy to have instant control over contact with all your customers.

Customer Manager page using the SOS Business-Level Texting App


  • Seamless integration with your current Select On Site website
  • Customers created through reviews have their contact information automatically added to the Customer Management system
  • Record two-way communication with all customers and store communication history
  • Technicians can alert customers that they are on the way to an appointment
  • Automate service reminders to keep customers' equipment running effectively and efficiently
  • Customer communication focuses on the customers’ needs which leads to happy and loyal customers

So what's the cost?

SOS Business-Level Texting App


per dealer per month for 1-5 users


per dealer per month for 6-10 users


per dealer per month for 11-20 users

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